CBN Wheels

CBN 5" (127mm )

Wood-Mizer supplies specially designed borazon grinding wheels in five profiles which exactly match our factory set profiles:

• 10/30 our most popular and versatile tooth profile
• 9/29 ideal in frozen or especially hard timbers
• 13/29 ideal for fresh softwoods such as Pine or Spruce
• 4/32 this profile is for very hard or frozen wood
• 7/34 this profile is recommended for hardwood; works best with engines over 15 kW

CBN 8" (203mm)

The industrial sharpener, from its very beginning, has been designed to suit the requirements of bigger sawmills. It is also equipped with a system for the easy installation and removal of the blade. As a standard feature, the new sharpener has an electronic tooth counter which can be pre-set and will then automatically turn off the sharpening process after the full cycle.

Our industrial sharpener is powered by 0.75 kW (2820 rpm main motor) which runs an 8” (203 mm) CBN wheel with 4280 rpm. All the functions of the Sharpener are controlled from the operator panel and we have added an inspection window and LED lighting to complete the picture. Wood-Mizer’s tests indicate that the new motor and larger diameter CBN wheel and precise feeding system doubles the speed of sharpening in comparison to its smaller brother.